Royal Bullies Organic Chewy Roo 150g

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Chewy Roo texture will help scratch off the plaque residues and prevent the build-up of tartar.

Help prevent destructive chewing behaviour as dogs like to chew out of curiosity, stress, and boredom or to stimulate teething.

Chewy Roo is beneficial for teething puppies.

Growing teeth cause pressure on the puppy’s gums and they will experience pain.

Chewing Chewy Roo will help relieve the pain and stimulate the growing of the teeth.

In addition, Chewy Roo will toughen the gums and the teeth of the dog.

Dogs that eat Chewy Roo will benefit from whiter teeth.

By chewing on Chewy Roo it will help prevent the formation of plaque and will give a brighter smile.

Chewy Roo can offer a stimulating workout both for the body and the mind of your pet.Low Temp and Low humidity DriedWe have an extensive range that caters for the fussiest of eaters... everything is sourced is of Premium, Wild Caught, Grass Feed, Free Range Natural & Organic Goodness from Australia and New Zealand and made right here in Australia...

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