"Express Pamper" - Bath, Blow dry & Nail clip.

"Part Pamper" - Bath, Blow dry, Nail clip & tidy up of sanitary areas, paws and eyes.

"Pamper Package" - Bath, Blow dry, Nail clip, Full body clip/groom, anal glands and ear clean.


Single services available:

Nail Clipping


Brush out

Hair dying

Nail painting


Which category does my pooch fit into?
"Toy" - Toy and small breeds weighing around 0-10kg eg: yorkies, toy poodles and chihuahua

"Mini's" - Miniature breeds weighing around 10-20kg eg: terriers, spaniels.

"Mediums" - Medium breeds weighing around 20-30kg eg:  lagotto, water spaniels, std poodles

"Biggies" - Bigger breeds weighing around 30-40kg eg: larger Standard Poodles, retrievers, collies

"Maxi's" - The largest breeds weighing 40kg plus eg: standard schnauzers, Saint Bernards


Our Grooming Products

We use only the best shampoos and pet products on your pets - a product sourced from the USA which is made from certified organic products, formulated by Veterinarians for a shampoo that is natural, pet safe and fantastic for your pets and the environment, and best of all it leaves their coats smelling and feeling amazing! We absolutley love this product and hope to have it on our shelves for sale in the near future!


Price List

                  Express - Part - Package  

"Toy"          $25        $45    $70

"Mini's"       $35        $55    $75

"Mediums"  $40        $65    $95

"Biggies"     $50        $70    $110

"Maxi's"       $60       $80    $130


"Toy" $60

"Min $70

"Med" $80

"Biggie" $90

"Maxi" $100-120    


Singular services:

Nail Trimming    $12

Nail Painting      $15

Bath                   $14

Brush out           $18

Hair dye             $15-50




Better for your pet and the environment!

​Organic and natural products for Pampered Pets!

Creative Pet Grooming?

No problem!

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